Yabla Language e-Learning

Position: Design Consultant
Length: 3 Years
Tasks: User testing, user interviews, gamification, front end development, new landing page, interface redesign, logo redesign, graphic/social content, styleguide, ad artwork,.


Yabla is a video language learning service across 6 languages. It features licensed television shows with accompanying learning games to offer a sandbox modelled immersive learning experience.

The Problem

Yabla is an excellent tool for dedicated learners because it improves conversational understanding. Many users binge watch videos without engaging, causing high churn rates...

User Research

10 informational interviews
Use questionaire with 400+ responses
Usertests with 10 users to check navigation and onboarding

Redefining the Problem

How might we help instill Yabla as a daily habit for language aquisition?
How might we meet users based on their level, time committment, and interests?

Graphic Design

Logo Concepts - Yabla 500 Mini Package

UI Design and Dev

Interface for a User Dashboard, now implemented for all signed in users on the Yabla top navigation. (More product designs available upon request...)

Hero illustration

Created for the Yabla doNYC 2020 partnership.

Yabla Scribe Animation

Created to showcase Yabla's patented dictation game to the German market.

Yabla Videoplayer Animation

Created to showcase Yabla's custom videoplayer and to act as a paywall banner.

Yabla Outro

Animated 3d outro for Yabla exclusive shows. (Created via blender)

Yabla iOS and Android Store Artwork

Artwork and metadata for all iOS and Android app versions across language products.
(More graphic content available upon request...)

Updated Style Guide And Landing Funnel

Designed and developed style guide and responsive landing funnel to ensure quality control and market to new users.